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Explore Our Catalog of Quality Roasters

All of our roasters are handmade to ensure the best quality and include a great selection of sizes! We build both hand crank and electric motor rotisserie.

El Diablo Grande Roaster

The 16″x24″ electric motor roaster comes complete with 5 high output burners, pressure regulator, gas valve and a 5″ supply hose. This model also includes a 120 volt gear motor with a chain and sprocket system for proper torque and speed and an on and off weather resistant switch. This is one heavy duty motorized (no hand crank) roaster. This roaster can hold 15-25 pounds at a


Los Sonoran Roaster

The 16″x24″ 5 burner manual hand crank roaster. This roaster comes with a regulator, gas valve and 5′ supply hose. Same quality construction as El Diablo Grande but no motor. This roaster can hold 15-25 pounds at a time.

Santa Fe Roaster

This 16×16 manual roaster is a new addition to our quality roasters. Features 3 high output burners, removable hand crank, pressure regulator, .5′ supply hose and a gas ball valve. This roaster can hold 8-10 pounds at a time.

Los Chimayo Roaster

The 12×12 roaster is now available with a hand crank only. The complete roasters includes everything you need to get roasting. This unit has two high output burners, a pressure regulator, gas valve and a 5′ supply hose. This roaster can hold 3-5 pounds at a time.

Los Poco

The 12x12 BBQ Rotisserie Roaster utilizes your grill for the heat source and rotisserie motor and rod as the rotation device. The rotisseries stock rod goes thru the baskets tube and is secured by 2 thumb screws. This roaster can hold 3-5 pounds at a time.