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Residential Sized Chile Roasters

Introducing a new product for the average everyday American who loves the outdoors, cooking, grilling and gardening. AZ Sonoran Chile Roasters has developed a residential size roaster for chiles, plus any vegetable that can be enjoyed roasted.

Perfect for the avid gardener, home chef or just for those who love fresh roasted green chiles and vegetables and is tired of standing over the stove or the gas grill flipping and turning slowly waiting for your chiles to get done.

Some of our roasters are capable of roasting up to a bushel of chiles. 

1 bushel = approx. 25 Lbs.
1 sack = approx. 35 Lbs

Roasting with Our Roasters

Our roasters are developed for all types of roasted vegetable enthusiasts. From home owners to Executive Chefs, our roasters make for a quick and efficient roasting of not only green chilies but a wide variety of vegetables.

All of our roasters:

- Are solid welded, not bolt together, to ensure a long lasting, sturdy product.

- Use USDA-FDA approved for food contact paint on all our roasters not toxic rattle can BBQ heat resistant paint.

- Feature high efficiency high output clean burning blue flame, not an orange inefficient rich sooty flame.


Your roaster worked great!  Very well built and designed. Very efficient. We bought a cheaper model on Amazon as a back up and it paled in comparison. We roasted 6 or 7 cases. 

Jon H.

We LOVE our roaster!! It is truly a work of art and so well made! We will be certain to refer future clients to you. You certainly EXCEEDED our expectations, and we thank you!

Patrick and Rhonda

I just wanted to drop a note to tell you how pleased I am with your roaster! Very high quality, solid construction and the burners work absolutely perfect. I would recommend this roaster to anyone without hesitation! Pete

Pete R.